Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stockton Day #1

Last night was a little rocky with four folks in a queen sized bed. We did manage to get a few hours of uninterrupted sleep though-- we didn't even hear the trains!

This morning we are getting the house ready for Libi's party and Ron is taking the car in to be serviced. All went well with the Saturn repair-- Ron enjoyed his walk from the dealership to the Walmart to do some shopping. Libi and I hung out with Grandpa while Grandma was at the store.

We had a nice little party with folks from Grandpa's work. Mark, Valerie, Rob, and Leslie came over to meet Miss Libs. Everyone had a good time and we had lots to eat.

Libi spent some time in her new pink Boppy chair that Grandma and Grandpa got her. She enjoyed the massage, music, and toys--- look for some video of her in her chair to be uploaded soon to our Picasa account.

Tonight will be low-key as we rest up for another fun-filled day in Stockton tomorrow!

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