Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Quiet Day...

Libi is a wonderful sleeper after midnight! She slept almost seven hours straight last night and only stirred once at 4 a.m. Ron and I both appreciated the rest!

Today we are having a quite day at home. We will go out this afternoon to have Libi weighed at Dr. V's office. We are hoping that she is gaining weight so that she will be able to wear some of her 0-3 month clothes which previously didn't fit. She received so many cute outfits in the first size, but when she came out so tiny none of them fit.

Oops! We missed Dr. V-- we were waiting for Ron to get home and by the time he did the office was closed. I'll head over there tomorrow at 8:50 to get the little one on the scale.

Ron and I gave Libs her third bath today-- she didn't do as well as she did when she took her second bath but then again, neither did I. I was working on filling the bath while Ron got Libi ready... little did I notice that the plug wasn't in the tub so the kitchen flooded. Live and learn, I won't make that same mistake again.

After our bath adventure we did a photo session with our little one-- we will post the photos from the past few days before days end. We know that there are some folks who check up on us religiously so we need to keep focused with our picture uploads.

Tomorrow Libs will go on her first road trip to Stockton. Grandma and Grandpa can't wait to see their little angel again and introduce her to their friends.

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