Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday...

Libi had an eventful day today after a quiet night last night.

This morning we went to Mint Canyon to check in and go to their Book Fair. Rachele had already picked out two books for Miss Libs and I found four more-- luckily it was a buy one get one free sale :)

Then we went to St. Stephen's Church for Ash Wednesday services. Libi slept through the whole service, but got her ashes and her communion blessing. All of the little ladies in church loved looking at our beautiful girl.

On the way home we swung by Daddy's school to say "Hi". His yearbook students enjoyed meeting the little one, although they wanted to hold her. (Daddy said that our insurance did not cover students holding her yet-- quick thinking!)

This evening Aunt Andrea and Grandma Cris came over for a Chipotle dinner and some Libi time. Ron and I both enjoy these visits because we get to leave Libs in good hands and get some house-work done. Tonight is was laundry-- if we thought we had lots to do just the two of us before Libi came we have tons more to do now. Our daughter certainly has a ton of clothes-- I need her to grow a bit so that she can begin to fit into her 0-3 month clothes. Our newborn clothing is getting a bit too short for our tall girl and her 3 month clothes are so cute!!

We are again finishing the night by watching Idol and picking our favorites. Last night Ron favored Kevin and I liked "Big / Funny" Chris. We'll report back tomorrow on our opinion of the girls.

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