Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Busy Weekend....

Sorry that we haven't posted in a few days, but things here have been busy!

Friday we went in to Nana and Pop's house to meet up with Grandma for lunch. It was a beautiful day (despite the chill in the air) especially since we had such an easy night! Nana and Pop were astonished at how much Miss Libs had changed since they last saw her. She is so much more alert-- looking all about the room, focusing intently on the person who is holding her, and she's getting bigger every day. After our ride home, we curled up in bed and took a nice, long nap! That evening Grandma Borsting came over to have a Pajama Party with Libi and Tobee while Ron and I went for our first big evening out to Wicked. Gina Painter and the drama kids got group tickets and invited us to come along. It was wonderful to see the show again-- Ron and I had seen it in New York on the 8th grade trip. We didn't get home until about midnight, so I really missed my girl. She and Grandma had a good time, although Grandma was disappointed that she slept most of the night.

Saturday we were all well-rested after a good night, so we decided to go shopping and out to lunch. We hopped into the Vue and went to Topanga Mall. I had not seen it since its big remodel-- and what a change! We had lunch at Red Robbin (Libi's first sit-down restaurant experience) and she did well. Grandma held her most of the time, so everyone was happy! We then walked most of the massive mall. Ron found new shoes, I found a dress for Libi's baptism (did we mention that she's being baptized on March 17?), and Libi got a new outfit from Grandma.

On the way home we stopped by Walmart to get the photos for her birth announcements. They will be mailed out this week-- if you don't get one, but would like one send me an e-mail with your address and we'll send it right out. My e-mail address is and I would love to hear from anyone who is reading our blog (I hope someone is reading this). We also got some more bottles (it's amazing how quickly you go through them-- we were washing them a million times a day) and Grandma found her another cute outfit! We made a quick stop at Rio Norte to grab some of Ron's stuff and change a grumpy Libi. Later in the evening Grandma and Grandpa Ippolito came over for some Libi time while the rest of us had dinner.

This morning we went to IHOP so that I could eat my chocolate chip pancakes. Grandma just left a few minutes ago and we are all thinking about taking a nap. Unfortunately, we didn't get a nap but we did get to see Aunt Andrea. It was fun for Libi to see her Auntie-- I don't know if Andrea had as much fun... she changed her first poop filled diaper today. We are spending our evening watching the Oscars-- Miss Libs has been fascinated by all of the celebs on the red carpet.

I'm sorry to be a few days behind in our adventures-- I'll try to do better this week :)

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Pajama Party Grandma said...

Dear Heather and Libi,

Love your postings!

Pajama Party Grandma