Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our first share day...

Libi chose to bring her Ariel Barbie to school today to share with her friends.

While we wait for the doors to open, we hang out in Mommy's new office, aka my Hide-y Hole!

Libs got to do the flag today, much to her delight.

We attempted to meet Daddy for lunch at a food truck which was visiting Santa Clarita. It was way too hot to wait in the hour long line for a burger, so we went to Red Robin and sat in the air conditioning :)

While Daddy was at Back to School Night, Libs and I went to have dinner with Pop.

After our customary French bread pizza...

Libs and Pop headed out to find some flowers.

Libi also talked Pop into picking her an orange-- he's such a sucker for his great-granddaughter!

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