Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meet the Teacher...

Today Libs got to explore her class, meet her teacher, and make some new friends.

She is super excited to be at a new school this year!!!

Here she is finding her name on the roster....

and finding her hook for her backpack.

We took a few mommy/daughter pictures....

not sure which one I like better :)

She showed Miss Mary her hook-- Miss Mary is the preschool director.

Miss Leslie welcomed her to class.

Eventually this sea horse will have her photo on it.

Within ten seconds of being in the room she was all dressed up! Just like a princess.

She found lots of fun things in the house area to play with...

and she met some new kids too. Coincidentally this little girl she is playing with was born on the same date as Libi and her Mom and I went to elementary school together. Small world.

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