Friday, September 9, 2011

Football Friday!

We are all happy it is Friday!!!

While we waited for the classroom to open we were greatly entertained by two squirrels who chased one another all over the yard.

So many different activities to choose from.

At the end of the day, she's still smiling-- that's my girl :)

After nap we met up with Daddy who was announcing a Wild Cat football game at Valencia High School.

It was fun being at a high school game again!

Libi took with her the pom-poms she was given by the cheer adviser-- she was ready to go!

Games at The Ranch are fun...

a great marching band,

paw-print necklaces,

and a cool wild cat mascot!

Libs did everything the cheer leaders did!

We even got to meet a few of the girls.

It's a good thing she likes the games, since Daddy is announcing at a few more this season!

She managed to cheer the Wildcats on to a 41-7 victory.

As we left, Libi got to stand on a cheer box. She better enjoy it now, since she won't ever be a cheerleader in high school ;)

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