Thursday, September 15, 2011

A big day in our house...

Today we said goodbye to an old friend, our beloved sofa! She has been with us for many years-- and given lots of service, but it was time for her to go!!

Libs thought it was funny to see our sofa in the driveway.

The apple theme continued today!

Today Libi hit 10 stickers on her "bribery" calendar (and Mommy and Daddy had 10 uninterrupted nights of sleep!)

Her reward was a trip to the mall and $10 to spend. Little Missy bought two stuffed animals at the Disney Store and it only cost her $3!!! What a shopper!

Tonight, thanks to lots of heavy lifting from Ron and Lucas AND to my sweet friend Dolly who dusted along-side me, we had some big change in our home.

We hope that you will come visit, so we can show you how we shifted all of downstairs :)

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