Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What happened to Mickey?

Early last week we were sitting in the family room when Libs turned to Ron and I and said "What happened to Mickey?" We think this response was due to the fact that we had been to Disneyland to see Mickey every weekend for the four previous weekends and we didn't go that weekend. This was super shocking because Libs had never used a complete sentence before. How funny that her first involved Mickey!

On Saturday night (Oct. 18) Jammy was in town and we were watching a Barry Manilow special on PBS. Libs danced, la-la-ed, and greatly enjoyed clapping with the audience. At the end of every song she would clap and say "Yay!" Jammy told her to say "Yay Barry!" so after every subsequent song she repeated that. When the special was over and the credits were running, our darling girl looked at all of us, hands raised at her sides and said "What happened to Barry?" It was the funniest thing because it was so serious and important for her to know what happened to him.

Sunday was a busy day with Bridget's 5th Birthday and Mary's 40th Birthday.

Monday we were at Underwood Family Farms to pick pumpkins with MOPS. A really fun trip that I could never have done without Jammy! Libs was so wonderful, riding in the wagon and talking to the animals.

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