Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome back!

OK, so I am going to make a renewed effort to blog again on a daily basis. Much has been going on here lately, so there is lots to write about.

Libi, Jammy and I all traveled to Pennsylvania in mid-September. Libs makes a great little traveler, but I get frustrated easily. There is so much to pack/carry when you travel with a 20 month old and Mommy ends up with most of it (no matter where we go-- the zoo, the grocery store, or 3000 miles away!)

We were very lucky to get to spend lots of time with family while we were there. We visited Great-Grandmom almost every day-- Libi loved the bicycle she traveled in (grown-up folks call it a wheel chair.) My mother points out that I too called them bicycles when I was about Libs age.

Elmo also lives in Pennsylvania at a great place called Sesame Place. I went there many, many years ago and loved it almost as much as my Elmo-obsessed daughter did. We spent two days seeing Elmo, Zoey, Big Bird, the Count, Cookie Monster, Ernie and Bert. Libs completely overcame her character fear here-- now we have to drag her away from them.

My favorite moment of the whole trip came when Mom and I were showing Libs some geese that live near my grandmothers nursing home: We asked Libi what ducks say and she answered "Quack", then what to geese say and she said "Honk, we saw some pigeons fly by and I asked her what they say, expecting to hear something like "Tweet" or "Honk" or "Quack" since we hadn't practiced this one and you know what she said? "Hi Ernie!" I guess we have been watching way too much Sesame Street if all pigeons in the world say "Hi Ernie!"

One day we drove up to Easton to go to the Crayola factory. Mom's cousin Flo joined us for the visit-- I don't believe I had ever met her before, but we had a really nice time. I just saw an episode of John and Kate Plus 8 where they went to the factory and let me tell you I am thrilled that I didn't have 8 kids to worry about there. Libs had a great time coloring, dancing in the shadow room, and playing in the tot area. I kept her far away from the clay, paint and markers-- in that respect I am an up-tight mom like Kate, I don't like LouLou to get dirty!

We got home and had a few days of "rest"-- lunch with Nana and Pop, music class, MOPS, Pioneer Club-- then it was off to San Diego.

Libs and I drove down alone to catch my folks while they were there. We met some of my parents NAHB friends and had dinner with Sonny and Jan. On Saturday we again met up with Elmo and had a special breakfast with him at Sea World. I think Dad enjoyed seeing her reaction to the characters. We spent the morning looking at fish, seeing the Shamu show and exploring the Bay of Play. After they left in the early afternoon Libs took a short nap while I sat in the penguin encounter-- it is air-conditioned and dark, perfect for naptime!!! We spent much of the day in Bay of Play-- I think we saw Elmo 5 times in the photo spot. Ron came in on the train that evening-- thank goodness!

Sunday we visited the San Diego Zoo. Libs amazed us with her stamina as she stayed awake for hours and hours watching the animals. Sadly she fell asleep before the panda bears, but Ron and I enjoyed them for her. Sunday night we went and stood in a terribly long line for an OK BBQ meal. It is supposed to the be the best BBQ in San Diego, but I only gave it a 4 out of 10. Ron seemed to enjoy it much more, but he's usually so easy going with food.

Monday we left San Diego and made a stop at Disneyland. It was a nice half-way stop for us to get out and play. Libs got to ride Nemo again-- it was Ron's first time and despite waiting a half an hour, I think he enjoyed it. We also made the pilgrimage back to Mickey's Movie Barn to visit the man. Libs must see him every time she goes to the park, so we wait in line now. We had dinner at Mrs. Knott's-- I must have my chicken and biscuits every so often.

Tuesday was a lazy day at home-- which we really needed. Ron went back to work today, sadly his Fall Break was only 2 days.

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