Sunday, October 12, 2008

Date night...

Ron and I went out last night for a real, honest to goodness date night. It began with dinner at ChiChi's which was amazing. Last night they had the most amazing croutons-- I would have eaten a whole plateful of just the croutons. My darling hubby told the server how much I enjoyed them, so she brought me a big container of them. It was so funny!

After our dinner we made a quick stop at the bank where Ron was told by a woman entering the lobby at the same time he was "Don't hold me up." We weren't sure if she was talking about him taking too long to enter as she held the door for him or if his masculine physique intimidated her.

Next up was supposed to be Mops and Pops bowling at Santa Clarita Lanes. Due to some confusion on the part of the girl coordinating-- we didn't reserve a lane so there was a 2 hour wait when we arrived. It was a small group of only 3 couples so we decided to do a movie instead. The group consensus was to see Eagle Eye-- not a flick that I ever intended to see-- so we graciously declined and went off to another adventure.

If you didn't know, Canyon Country is soon to be home to a terrific shopping and dining center. It will have tons of new restaurants including a Chili's (hello chips and salsa) and the Mecca of all stores--- Target. Earlier this month the Kohl's opened and the Lowe's has been opened for well over a month-- sadly we have never made time to go check them out, until tonight!!!

We strolled through the big, gorgeous store and did a bit of Christmas/Birthday shopping. Santa and I are nearly done with all of our shopping, do Daddy is very excited! Then we made a quick stop into Lowe's for some new herbs and cable for the edger.

Our final stop was at Jack-in-the-Box for milkshakes. While we drank we watched a bit of a movie on Ron's iPhone-- is there anything that his phone won't do? Then it was back home to get hugs from Boo Boo Chicken. What a fun night!

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