Thursday, September 27, 2007

Caught up...

Oct. 8th-- Mommy and Libs are taking it easy today. Libs is wearing her cute bunny overalls and the stuffed animal in the pocket is giving her hours of enjoyment. Mommy is trying to re-organize the kitchen and other downstairs areas, but with such a wiggly girl it is difficult. Tonight we will try peas for new food Monday and see how we do.

Oct. 7th-- Day at home with Daddy. Aunt Andrea and Grampy came over for a tapas dinner-- Grammy was sick. Libs is really mobile so we re-did the family room to be more kid friendly!

Oct. 6th-- This morning Libs got her first real boo-boo. While crawling around on the floor she made her way over to the entertainment center. She managed to pull the bottom drawer out and Daddy jokingly said, "Now push it back in." Libi did what she was told and pushed it in on her right thumb. Boy were we all sad that she did this.
Later in the afternoon, we ran out to do some shopping at Smart and Final, Sam's Club, Office Max and Mommy went to Albertson's. Libs enjoyed being a big girl and sitting in the cart at all those places. Mommy is cooking again-- she made Ina's Lemon Chicken Picatta and it was very good! Grampy came over for a short visit to get a Libi fix.

Oct. 5th-- Mommy and Libs went to Disneyland (trip #9) with the Strassners. Emma, Ben, Libi, Amy and I all piled into our car (yes you can fit 2 car seats and a booster in the Saturn Vue) and drove to the park. We went to Toontown, saw the Princess coronation in Fantasyland (Mommy saw it Libs was napping), went on Alice in Wonderland, Tea Cups, Dumbo, we saw the Woody show again and ate lunch at Hungry Bear. Mommy and Libs drove home alone because Howard came down to spend the evening with his family.

October 4th-- We took Libs to Lombardi Ranch for the first time today. We did a photo shoot all over the farm you can see the photos on Picasa.

Oct. 3rd-- Nana and Pop's house for lunch. It took us over an hour to get there due to an accident but Libs took her first two crawls (forward) here today!

Oct. 1st-- New food Monday-- butternut squash. Libs really liked it!

Sept. 30th-- Grammy and Grampy came over for dinner tonight.

Sept. 29th-- Daddy had an Area E Conference in La Mirada so Mommy and Libi went to Disneyland for the first time alone. We went into the park early and had a character breakfast-- Libs met many characters for the first time: Minnie, Chip and Dale, Max from Goof Troop, Eeyore, the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Rafiki, the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. Libs napped on the train and rode Pirates of the Carribean for the first time. We also went on Pooh, Peter Pan and saw the Woody's Halloween show in Big Thunder Ranch. That evening Grammy and Grampy came over for dinner.

Sept. 28th-- We went to Nana and Pop's today since Nana wasn't feeling good on Wednesday. Jammy came with us and we all had lunch. We left kinda early because Jammy needed to drive home. Later that evening the family went to Hart High School to have a family portrait taken. We dressed up in our Halloween costumes-- Libi was Roo, Mommy was Eeyore and Daddy was Pooh-- and had them take our picture. We got lots of laughs and everyone thought Libs was cute! Afterwards we went to the Valencia Football game. Daddy had fun showing off his girl to all of his former students. Libs enjoyed her first football game: the bright lights, the loud band, the cheerleaders jumping, and all of the new people to meet. Grammy and Grampy came over for a short visit afterwards.

Sept. 27th-- 7th trip to Disneyland / 4th tooth broke through
Jammy and Mommy took Libs to Disneyland again today. We had lunch at the Blue Bayou. I got to wear a pirate hat and eat a roll like Mommy. I went on Haunted Mansion Holiday for the first time. It was a little scary, but I liked all the bright colors. Afterwards we went to DCA and I got to see all of the Halloween decorations.
Libs got her first eye teeth today. It is the upper left tooth and it came in before her top front one.

Sept. 26th-- At the mall with Jammy we found a cute Thanksgiving outfit and two new toys.
The girls went to lunch at Pei Wei

Sept. 25th-- MOPS and dinner at the Lynch's. Libs and Mommy went to their first MOPS meeting. We had a really good time with the girls at the Chicago table. Libs was passed around to nearly everyone and she spent about a half hour in the nursery playing with new friends.
That evening we went to dinner with Denny and Linda Lynch. It was really fun catching up with them and having them get to know Libi. Linda cooked a wonderful meal and Libs enjoyed their toys and crawling around on their floor.

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