Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another catch up...

September 11 - MOPS Breakfast. This morning Libs and I woke up and drove over to Valencia to meet our MOPS table members. It was nice to meet the girls. We have lots of mom's with multiple kids-- Libs was the only "only child" at the meeting.
Afterwards, Mommy and Libs played for a bit until Daddy came home. He got to come home early and hang out with us before he returned to school for Back to School Night. It was a very late night for him, so we were on our own until after 10 p.m.

September 12- Lunch at Nana and Pop's. It was another fun lunch at the great-grandparents house. We went grocery shopping as a family in the evening which was really fun! Mommy and Daddy used to really enjoy our shopping trips before Libs and it's fun now to go the three of us.

September 13 - Stay at home day. Libs and I did nothing today but play and scrapbook. It was really sweet-- she played so hard that while I was scrapbooking, I turned around and found her fast asleep on the floor of the retreat. Mommy made dinner tonight and the family hung out.

September 14-- WW in the a.m. Dinner with Ippolito's. Mommy is now over 16 pounds lighter! She and Dolly went to Weight Watchers in the morning. Libi was the hit of the meeting-- everyone thought she was adorable! We came home to play and rest before the Ippolito's came over for dinner.
Aunt Andrea came over really early to play with Libs. Mommy used this time to make a last minute trip to the store. I don't think Aunt Andrea really minded the alone time with her niece. The rest of the Ippolito's came over later for Mommy's rolled Italian steak. We all enjoyed the time together!

September 15-- We have a lawn!!! To our surprise Juan from Daddy's school showed up this morning with his crew to re-sod our lawn (we thought it wouldn't be done for another few weeks.) It looks so good out back-- we can start entertaining again!! Yippee!!! Sadly, we had to spend the whole day cooped up in two rooms with poor Tobee barking at all the strange men in our yard. Hopefully tomorrow we will get out of the house :)

Sept. 19th-- Lunch at Nana and Pop's and Mommy gave blood at St. Stephen's. Went to visit with the Gideon family and you had lots of fun playing with Sarah and Marissa, not to mention their dog Murphy.

Sept. 20th-- First park play date with MOPS girls. Libs ate her first leaf. Mommy and Daddy did the movie night at Mint Canyon. We set up the big screen and watched Home on the Range. The Strassner's and Emily Lopez joined us. It was also Granpa's Birthday today. We called and sang to him.

Sept. 23rd-- TDS 568 reunion at Club 33. It was really fun to see everyone there! Libs and Daddy went to the Club for the first time. Libs behaved really well. We got to visit Mickey and Pluto in the Club-- it was Libs first time meeting Pluto. Libs got to meet lots of Mommy's old friends in front of the castle when we all met up with our families. We didn't do any rides today, but we still had fun!

Sept. 24th-- Jammy came down and found another tooth, upper right came in. We ate dinner at Chili's because their proceeds went to St. Jude's where Cooper got his pace maker. Libs really enjoyed coloring and talking loudly in the restaurant.

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