Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Mommy Daughter day at the Happiest Place on Earth

Today I picked Libs up from school early and we headed to our favorite spot.

We had heard that Modern Family was filming in the Park yesterday and were thrilled that they were back today.

We got to see Manny film a scene right in the hub.

We went to the Tiki Room first--- mostly to enjoy a pineapple snack (and to see the new pre-show video they are now showing here!)

We walked onto nearly every ride we wanted to go on...

we went on Jungle Cruise and Pirates before we got hungry.

While we were waiting for Cafe Orleans we did a silly photo shoot.

After grabbing our coats from the locker (there was a cool breeze) we used our Star Tours fast passes.

Libi requested Captain EO next...

and they were giving away cool buttons! We both helped ourselves to one and proudly wore it the rest of the day.

Our next wait was 15 minutes for Finding Nemo...

such a fun ride!

We waited less than ten minutes for Storybook...

one of my favorites from when I was a kid (and from that smile, Libi is fond of it too!)

Our final ride was also the longest wait of the day-- a full 20 minutes :)

This ride makes both of us very happy!

We saw the parade before we left-- I think it's the first time either of us has seen Soundsations at night.

We are tired, but we're still having fun!

One final stop at Knott's Berry Farm Marketplace...

for some sweets for the ride home (and some boysenberry punch!)

Two minutes after the stop, she was out!

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