Saturday, August 27, 2011

Star Wars at the Zoo

Today we met up with the Strassners to venture to a galaxy far, far away.

Libi was so excited to see them that she almost couldn't stand it!

Our adventure for the day was to see Star Wars at the L.A. Zoo.

It was super hot and very crowded, but we did get to see lots of Star Wars favorites-- Yoda,

a very sexy looking Leia-- who coincidentally wasn't hired for the day, she came in her own costume!

a pilot,

a sand person,

not sure who this is, but I'm sure that Ron will let me know :)

We stopped for a moment at the smelly flamingos and then we did something that we haven't done in all the times we've been to the zoo together....

we got on the tram!!!! It was simply too hot to walk all over the place, so we bought some tickets and went for a ride.

Our first stop was to another first-- we let the kids blow off some steam on the playground. They loved the misters and the shade and we loved the benches and some time to chat!

Despite the horrid weather, lots of animals were out and very active! The bear,

and the rhino were both around.

The kids begged and begged for an Icee-- we thought that one would be perfect for them to share. We let Emma hold it (there are some perks to being the oldest)... and then.....

there was an incident with a bee, a scared little girl, flailing arms, screaming, and eventually the Icee falling to the ground. After some tears and reassurance from her friends we salvaged what was left in the cup and moved on!

We took the tram to another first-- the bird show.

The birds did lots of neat tricks,

the kids enjoyed themselves,

and I got this really cool shot!!!

At this point we were all hot and cranky! We hopped on the tram, rode it back to the front, hit some more characters like: a stormtrooper,

and Boba Fett and then we were out of there!!!

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with lots and lots of ice water!

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