Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A war of wills...

These are the clippers that lead to a very unhappy Mommy and daughter pair yesterday....

Once upon a time when Libs was young, Mommy would clip her nails while she slept. This routine worked until about a month or two ago when Libi would wake up and protest the clipping. This would cut her nap short and result in a very frustrated Mommy due to long, scratchy nails.

Yesterday Libi was napping so I decided to try to trim her claws-- she woke up to complain. Mommy gave Libs a choice-- either you let me clip your nails when you are awake or asleep-- to which she replied "No!" Mommy didn't like this turn of events so she gave her another option-- either let me clip your nails or we don't do anything fun until you do. She still wouldn't let me so we spent a quiet day with no TV, no singing, no getting the mail with Daddy, nothing!!!

When Daddy got home both Mommy and Libi were crying-- trapped in this battle of wills. To save everyone from a melt-down, Daddy called Grammy who watched Libi while we went out to dinner. Grammy and Grampy also tried to trim the nails to no avail.

After dinner Mommy relented a bit-- came home and gave lots of hugs and kisses to her not-quite- two-year old daughter whom Mommy sometimes has way too high expectations for and we all went to bed. Daddy did get to trim the nails after she fell asleep, so the house will be much more fun tomorrow!

Event on December 2-- Journaled on December 3

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Amy said...

Yay! You blogged! Emma still protests at 6 years. I feel your pain...Oh, and read my lovely visit to the doctor with E and B today! I'm sure you don't have Linda Blair on your hands. Ha! Ha!