Sunday, May 18, 2008

A hot weekend in the SCV

This week has been getting steadily warmer peaking to about 105 today. Libs and I have been spending our time inside-- reading, singing, and watching Disney stuff on TV.

Libs is becoming more vocal every day. Just this week she looked at Daddy's screen saver and said "Lincoln"-- well it actually comes out "Kinky", but we know what she means. She is getting really good at identifying animals and their sounds. She knows elephants (effie), snakes (sssss), giraffe (affee), cat (ow), please, thank you, and lots of words that only Mommy understands. When she wants to be changed she now says "Elmo"-- we have an Elmo book on her changing table.

She is fiercely independent and when she doesn't get her way, so throws a short but very dramatic tantrum. I think that we are in store for a very interesting terrible two time.

Daddy spent most of the day today helping to celebrate the retirement of several of our teachers from Canyon High School. He was asked to be the MC for the night, so Libs and I stayed home. The entire Ippolito family came over to visit-- Libs loved to see her Aunt Andrea, Grampy and Grammy.

She is also getting really good at naming her relatives. Whenever she sees a picture of Pop she says "Pop-Pop" and whenever she sees her Granpa she says "Pa-Pa". She knows just who to please :)

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