Monday, March 3, 2008

Old sickness, new tricks....

Libs and I are down with another cold. She and I have been hacking and dripping the days away. We contracted the cold in Reno and it is still hanging on strong! Today we did very little but rest and snuggle as we try to recuperate.

Libs has been doing lots of new things lately:

-she now says "cookie", "please" but it sounds like "peas", "puppy", "ruff", "'baa", "ssss" for a snake sound-- every day she seems to imitate new sounds. It has been so interesting to watch her develop language.

-she reads to herself-- the vowel / consonant combinations that come out of her mouth are amazing to me!

-she is really playing with her toys. She walks her baby dolls around and pats their back or gives them hugs. She pushes buttons on her toys and makes them sing and dance. She tries to write with crayons and pens.

-she is eating lots more table food-- it is really nice to be able to give her things off our plates at restaurants and family gatherings.

-my daughter is a dancer-- whenever we are out and we hear music she stops to dance. She puts one hand up in the air and shakes her hips (I'm not sure where she got this move from but it's pretty cute!)

-she is so fond of her "puppy" Tobee-- Libs likes nothing better than to share her food, pet and chase after her confused dog. The two of them will be best of friends when they get to understand each other better, now I spend most of my time saying "Libi, Tobee, Libi, Tobee" to try to get their attention.

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